Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whom is Edge for?

A: Edge is a premium offer for Accountants, and Entrepreneurs who have an Accountant. If you do not have an accountant we can refer you to one of the accountants we work with.

Q: What is the criteria for becoming an Edge client?

A: To become a member of Edge, you must be an Accountant, or an Entrepreneur with an Accountant.

Q: What role do I as an Accountant play in this process?

A: Behind every Entrepreneur is a trusted finance team. At Edge, our priority is to deliver direct access to your client’s transactional data. To better empower your Entrepreneur, Edge will liaise directly with you on behalf of your client. Once we have set up the necessary documents with your client who authorises us to give the information.

Q: What can Edge do for me as an Accountant?

A: We provide you Direct Access to your client’s banking information via a Power-of-Accountant mandate that we will set up with your client, once this is in place you can contact us directly to access information that you require to perform your accounting duties for the client. This will save you time and ensure that you get the right information in the correct format.

Q: As an accountant, how does Edge help my client?

A: We provide 24/7 end to end banking services for both business and personal clients.

Q: How do I introduce my client to Edge?

A: We will request that you send us your customer’s contact details, one of our Edge team members will give your client a call directly and arrange for the necessary authorities to be put in place.

Q: How do I as an Accountant obtain the necessary authority from my client

A: Edge will contact the customer to get the necessary authority.

Q: Who do I liaise with to request client information?

A: You can send an email to or you can phone 021 401 2006.

Q: What is your turn around time on the requests that I submit?

A: We will give you a holding response in an hour, and two hours to have a first resolution. However, if it’s after 20:00 we will acknowledge receipt of your request and only be able to offer a resolution at 07:00 the following day.

Q: Is there a separate charge that is levied by you for this service?

A: Yes, this is considered a premium service and is levied uniquely per customer with your current bank charges.

Q: Do you have any information that I can send to my clients to tell them about this service?

A: Yes. We have put together various One-Pagers that gives details including our contact details.

Q: What is Edge’s relationship with Standard Bank?

A: Edge is a Standard Bank proposition. Edge runs on Standard Bank’s core infrastructure and utilises its ATM and branch network.

Q: Am I still a client of Standard Bank?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I get airport lounge access

A: You get access at O. R. Tambo International Airport, to Standard Bank’s Café Blue, and the Connection Hub, for snacks and a place to recharge your devices.

Q: What is the DSA?

A: DSA is an acronym for Delightful Service Arena. The DSA operates 24/7 and can be contacted via email and telephone. You get a dedicated DSA Team member that will be your single point of contact into the bank for your personal and business banking.

Q: What do I get with Edge?

A: Edge offers a full suite of banking products such as credit and debit cards, overdraft facilities, foreign payments and more.

  • Servicing your whole banking portfolio
  • Single point of contact within the bank – we will not hand you off.
  • A Delightful Service Arena (DSA) that operates 24/7.
  • Easily contactable via email
  • A streamlined application process where required information is pre-populated.
  • Loan origination designed for you i.e. Edge facilitates funding requirements on your behalf but does not provide loans.

Q: Is Edge for Business or Personal banking?

A: Edge services your whole banking portfolio, all your personal and business accounts as one.

Q: Can I add family members or employees to my account?

A: We can contact the family member directly and open an account for them or a secondary account can be opened on the main accountholder’s existing transactional account

Accounts can be opened for employees through the business.

Q: Does Edge lend?

A: Edge facilitates funding requirements on your behalf but does not provide loans. Whether you need working capital or you’re buying your dream home or a car, Edge negotiates the best offer, on your terms.

Q: How can I contact Edge?

A: Contact the Delightful Service Arena (DSA) 24/7 via

Tel: 021 401 2006

Q: Does Edge have branches?

A: Edge does have client walk in centres in Cape Town (Heerengracht) and in Johannesburg (Hyde Park) as well as Grayville in KZN, but Edge’s aim is to come to you, or assist you through the DSA (Delightful Service Arena) contactable 24/7.